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Seen & Heard: Honeymoon Edition (Part 1)

The inventor of the “honeymoon” deserves an immediate raise!

After all of the stress of the wedding, I’m not sure we would’ve survived without it. The honeymoon was our first moment to step back, forget about everything else, and simply remember why we chose this path in the first place.

Life can get so busy/crazy, so in a relationship, it is always important to find the opportunity for some much-needed quiet time!

So, for the sake of quiet reflection, I decided to take a stroll down (recent) memory lane. And then I decided to invite you to come along! Here are some highlights from the honeymoon I enjoyed a month ago, with my new husband 🙂 This will be a 3-part blog.

We decided to use our honeymoon as an opportunity to take the road-trip that we’d always wanted. This gave us time to detox from all the wedding madness, while enjoying all the beautiful (and humbling) natural scenery.


Our first stop was Savannah, Georgia – a locale so beautiful that within 10 minutes of being there, we decided that it is where we will eventually retire! Savannah showed us a great time, filled with amazing food, cool history lessons, and beautiful architecture.




Next stop: Tybee Island!

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